A Sentimental Gift for Mother’s Day

This year, give a gift that is as special as she is. I love the idea of antique and vintage items that will remind her of days gone by. Or things she loves that you just don’t find anymore. We have curated an entire collection of ideas on our Pinterest page.

For example, my Grandmother always carried a hanky:

Unused antique 1930’s set of 3 boxed hankies ($18)
Unused vintage 1950’s embroidered linen hanky ($12)
Unused vintage 1950’s set of 3 boxed hankies ($14)

Of course, jewelry is always a welcomed surprise!

Vintage enamel floral brooch ($18)
Antique-inspired rose cameo necklace ($14)
Vintage rhinestone butterfly brooch ($30)

Antique and vintage linens can also become new, sentimental favorites:

s-l500 (2)
Vintage cream hand-crocheted bed coverlet ($54)
s-l500 (3)
Vintage pair of unused embroidered pillowcases ($34)
Vintage unused Quaker lace tablecloth ($44)
Vintage feedsack yo-yo rosette quilt ($220)

And don’t forget to think outside the box!

s-l500 (4)
Vintage 1960’s unused traveling bridge set ($18)
s-l500 (6)
Vintage unused Evening in Paris body powder ($15)
Vintage unused Italian stationary set ($20)
s-l500 (5)
Handmade unused pin cushion ($12)

Make sure to check out our Etsy shop and Ebay store for more gift ideas… we add things daily!





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