A Trip Through Vintage Scandinavia


Whether it’s the simple, sleek and minimalist home design you can find at your local IKEA or the attention current pop culture is giving to the vibrant history of the Vikings (think Ragnar Lothbrok and his band of warriors sporting their amazing man buns), there’s no denying the rising popularity of all things Scandinavian.

Dragonfly Cottage has always been ahead of that curve, as this is our own family’s heritage. Owner and founder Sheri Benjamin has lovingly curated her own collection of vintage Scandinavian wares – from personal heirlooms to treasures she has found and gathered over the years.

In kind, our family business has naturally also gravitated towards these items, whether it’s vintage Swedish textiles, Finnish pottery, or Danish clothing – just to name a few. If you are looking for unique, whimsical pieces to add warmth to your modern Scandinavian decor, or a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special (who doesn’t need a pair of Nordic wool stockings?!), look no further!

This week we have pulled together an amazing collection of vintage Scandinavian pieces available from Dragonfly Cottage. You can view it on Pinterest here.

A few of my own personal favorites:

Antique Swedish bread plate – could be used as a wall hanging ($18)
Large vintage Dala horse wall hanging or rug ($76)
Vintage handkerchief – could also be used as table or dresser scarf ($18)
Vintage Dala horse fabric – perfect for pillows, valances, table runners and more ($24 per panel)
Adorable vintage Tomte painting ($24)

And there is so much more!

So take a trip with us through the rolling countryside of Scandinavia… we hope you enjoy it and even find a little treasure of your own.


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